Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Art of Marketing!

I had a vision.  Sunny found time and applied her talent and here we have marketing material!
First, the back of the bookmark!

Then the front!

Two color choices for kids- Orange or Purple

Then we have the postcard- Here is the back

And here is the front!

I am going to take these to libraries, stores, schools.
Has a teaser and our contact information that includes ordering options.

So making progress.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

20 days and counting!

I am so so sorry that I haven't been more active with updates.  Life exploded.  But today, I finally had a moment all to myself and thought, well... Let's do an update.

Yes, 20 days and counting.  I know that Sunny is busy wrapping up the art.  We will have marketing materials soon.  And I guess I should start planning the Book Launch Event in a little more detail.

I don't have any more art to share, yet.  I don't have anything more to report really. 

But I am getting excited.  I found some great resources for Marketing:
For Postcards we are going to use- http://www.gotprint.com/home.html
For bookmarks- https://www.overnightprints.com/bookmarks/create/blank-bookmark-vertical
For buttons- https://www.purebuttons.com/product/125-custom-buttons
And for Stickers- https://www.moo.com/us/products/stickers-range.html

On a side but still important note I would like to THANK with a full heart- Meghan James and Kendhal Cruver for their editing eyes.  I can't stress enough how important it is to have people, good good people in your corner.  Especially for editing.

So... Until the next update, hopefully with a little more art.  20 and Counting!

Monday, March 13, 2017

It's Cover Reveal day!!!!! Meet Egg!

The amazing Sunny J. Choi has brought Egg into color and shape.  I am so excited!!!!

28 more days until Egg hatches!  Remember to visit my website to Pre-Order!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

34 days and counting! A Title Page and a Website!

Only 34 days left until Egg hatches. 

I have a couple fun things to report.  We have picked a cover!  I will post it soon.

We have picked a title page. 
I can post that now.

I have started organizing swag bag material!  Special bookmarks and stickers for anyone who pre orders Egg.

And I finished my website!

There is still lots to do, but I am waiting on final edits and crafting a spectacular book launch event at Secret Garden Books here in Ballard.

I recently received an invite to present at the May 9th Inside Story put on by SCBWI.  So it looks like I need to fine tune a 2 minute presentation.  It's all very exciting.

Even with all of this going on I have continued to find time to write and have several new manuscripts.  Some of which are getting very close to being submission ready. 

In the mean time, critique groups, SCBWI meetings and Storytellers Academy.
I'll check in with the cover as soon as I have received the go ahead!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Egg! The first image!

After a lot of choices, thank you Sunny Choi, we finally found our Egg!
She is sassy, and sweet. And she is just perfectly Egg.

I can't wait to tell you more about her and her plans for greatness!
Until then, I'll let your imagination run wild.


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Spork Sister interview with the fabulous Alayne Kay Christian

Have you ever been stuck and on the verge of greatness? Have you ever been so in love with a Story that you exhausted your “readers” trying to get it, just right? Well, that’s when you need to call on a superhero, like Alayne Kay Christian.  Who, as it just happens is one of my Spork Sisters!

To refresh your memory- One of the most magical things about landing at Clear Fork’s Spork has been the birth of “Spork Sisters”.  A brilliant, lovely, supportive and creative group of women (now a couple men) who are adding their light and energy to the world, one story at a time.

So, getting back to Alayne… The other day, there I was, stuck, in love with a story, on the verge of greatness and in walks (or types) Alayne.  She agrees to “read” it for me but instead of just reading it, she blows my mind with a critique.  One like I have never received.  It was thorough, insightful, kind and so beyond the pale helpful. I am not sure how I will ever, (other than wine when we are in the same place) ever repay her.

My good “Spork Sister” fortune is now yours because today I am bring this angel to this blog and you.  I do hope that you enjoy her visit, voice and overall fabulous energy.

AKC: Thank you for your kind words, Laura. And thank you for inviting me to be spotlighted on your blog. I’m so pleased that my critique has been helpful. I look forward to our wine time that will undoubtedly happen one day.

LNC:First, I would love to know about the three things you are most passionate about-

AKC: Hmmm – wow! Only three. Okay, I’ll give it a try.

1. My husband – always – and our new nomad lifestyle. This is a little bit of a cheat because this lifestyle affords me the benefit of many things that I’m passionate about including the following: Freedom. Nature. Mindfulness. Improved health. Letting go of the illusion of control. (Not having a home base and only having a glimpse of where we “might” be in a day, a week, a month, and so on forces me to go with the flow.) Experiencing this beautiful country, and much, much more. To use a worn out phrase – I get to have my cake and eat it too because most of the time, I’m able to balance this passion-fulfilling life with my other passions. This brings me to #2.

2. Writing, learning, and supporting the writing community. I woke up this morning with a middle grade story premise and a basic outline that had been gifted to me in my sleep. I see moments like this as an indication that writing is a part of me that cannot be denied. My heart has also been stricken with a desire to do whatever I can to help fellow writers in the best way I know how. I give as much as I can with my limited time and energy. And it all makes me happy.

3. I am passionate about working to maintain, for myself, as much positive and loving energy as possible. I’m also passionate about spreading that positive and loving energy to others through my actions, thoughts, and beliefs.

I know I was only allowed three, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention family and friends when it comes to love and things I am passionate about.

LNC:Tell me about you?  Where do you write/illustrate? How long have you been writing/illustrating? What do you most love to write/illustrate?  What is a challenge?

AKC: I usually write at my kitchen table in our Holiday Rambler Scepter motor home. I sometimes write at the chart table or the cabin dining table on our sailboat. I just bought a small table so I can use my laptop outside and enjoy more of the beautiful Palm Springs, California weather while we are here.

LNC: How long have you been writing/illustrating?
AKC: I’ve been writing as far back as I can remember. I’ve been writing for children for about 12 years.

LNC: What do you most love to write/illustrate?
AKC: I love writing any story that comes to me. Right now, I mostly write picture books and chapter books. I love writing picture books because I love the challenge. It’s not nearly as easy as it looks! I love writing chapter books because I get to take ideas deeper than I can in picture books. I enjoyed writing my picture book course because that is a whole different form of creativity. I also enjoy writing from a darker side in adult novels. I love writing free verse, but sadly I have a lot to learn there.

I love writing all of the above because I like to think that it all touches those who read it in one way or another.

LNC: What is a challenge?
AKC: Maintaining confidence, faith, patience, and a positive attitude in a very trying profession. 

LNC: Where are you in the process of publishing? Is this your first publication?  If not, what was the first experience like? If not with Spork, how was it different?

AKC: SIENNA, THE COWGIRL FAIRY: TRYING TO MAKE IT RAIN is my debut chapter book. My experience with my debut picture book BUTTERFLY KISSES FOR GRANDMA AND GRANDMA was fantastic. There were a few challenges. It was difficult to allow editors to convince me to change the story from its original concept. It was hard not to be involved in the illustration process when I had such a clear vision for the book. But it was a thrill to see the book gradually come to life. It was like a lovely birth to see the finished product for the first time. To look at the beautiful, satiny pages and lively illustrations that offer two different styles of art because of the book within a book concept. To see my first book on the shelf at the bookstore. To read it to my granddaughter who inspired the story. And on and on. Then came great reviews and awards and library sightings. Lots of happy tears!

SIENNA, THE COWGIRL FAIRY: TRYING TO MAKE IT RAIN is a little different because it will be released with only minor revisions. And I am allowed some input on illustrations. Our illustrator, Brian Martin, is a pleasure to work with. He’s doing an incredible job of capturing the story characters in his drawings.  I’m having so much fun seeing the characters come alive in his sketches.

The process was nearly two years with the picture book. TRYING TO MAKE IT RAIN will be released much faster than my picture book. I’m sure there will be a lot of happy tears with this book, too! I’m especially excited about this release because my 92-year-old mother has been in my corner with this story from the time I told her the premise. She loves Sienna already, so I can’t wait to hand her the book.

LNC: Can you tell me about the most magical moment in the process you have experienced…?

AKC: There have been so many magical moments. I listed a lot of them above. I’m not sure I can pick the most magical. It was pretty cool to sign with Clear Fork Media for four Sienna books. I have no doubt it will be magical to hold the first in the series for the first time and super magical when I have all four on my shelf. I think it was pretty special when my mother discovered BUTTERFLY KISSES FOR GRANDMA AND GRANDPA in her library system. And when my granddaughter saw the book in a library for the first time, she deemed me famous! How could that not put a smile on my face.

LNC: What has been the hardest moment/aspect? (Marketing, School Visits, Editing)

Marketing can be a challenge for me. I’ve been fortunate with BUTTERFLY KISSES FOR GRANDMA AND GRANDPA because it is easy to identify the target market, which is grandparents, long-distance grandparents and grandchildren, gift books, and more. Because it has a gift appeal, sales go up around Christmas, Grandparents Day, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. I’m thinking about Sienna, who the target market might be, and how I might reach it. Since I’ve never marketed a chapter book, this will be a new experience. I’m up for the challenge . . . I think ;-)

LNC: What are you most excited about? (Marketing, School Visits, Editing)

AKC: School visits are a blast!

LNC: Tell me about your book- Characters, location, problem, escalation, resolution.

AKC: Sienna is not your normal cowgirl, for she’s half-human and half-fairy. But Sienna wants nothing to do with fairies. When her ma sends her to fairy camp instead of cowgirl camp, she ain’t none too happy. Not only must she deal with cliquish fairies who reject her spunky spirit and outspoken ways, she must also noodle out how to help Mother Nature end the Texas drought. Can Sienna balance cowgirling with some tried ’n’ true fairy skills to both fit in and make it rain? This is a story about perseverance, friendship, teamwork, self-acceptance, and acceptance of others. 

LNC: How are you taking over the world? (Blog, website, twitter, Facebook, interviews, school visits)

I’m far from taking over the world. I like to blog, but don’t get to it as often as I would like. I’m not the best with social media. And in all honesty, I feel like a lot of time can be wasted on social media if one isn’t careful. It’s a wonderful distraction! Of course it has many benefits as well. I do my best to balance everything. And right now, I’ve got some heavy thinking and planning to do in preparation for the release of Sienna.

LNC: Did anything change for you since signing with Spork? As a writer?  As an individual?

Since signing with Spork, I’ve found a new and fabulous writing family! I feel more accomplished as an author. I’ve fallen deeper in love with Sienna, “my” cowgirl fairy. As a writer, I’m more inspired to write more chapter books. And driven even further to keep writing picture books.

LNC: Does the support from the “Sisters” inform on your overall confidence to try something new?And what does it mean to have something like “Spork Sisters” in your corner?

AKC: I’m not sure yet, but I love having their support.  It makes me feel like I’m not alone – what a wonderful gift! I’m so grateful that I’ve met so many kindred spirits and made so many lovely new friends.

LNC: Do you feel like the “Sisters” will be a benefit to you while you are in the publishing world?  If so, how?

AKC: Yes. It is wonderful to think that I have some partners on the marketing end, which I’ve mentioned can be a struggle. I believe their encouragement will push me a little more beyond my comfort zone than I might have gone otherwise, which is nice from a growth perspective. I love the collective energy. We build each other up when at times we feel as though we are being knocked down. It’s fantastic having friends who fully understand to turn to when things get tough, or even better, when things are exciting. I also like lending my support wherever I can. It truly is like a family. This is a good time to mention Callie Metler-Smith, the owner and editor of Clear Fork Media. She is fabulous to work with. She’s kind, smart, hardworking, dedicated, open and highly responsive. She is super supportive and a big part of the family.

LNC: Tell me about the critique work that you do.  How did you get started with it?

AKC: As I mentioned, one of my passions is helping fellow writers. For several years, I critiqued writers’ work as favors. People kept telling me how much my critiques helped them and that I should start a critique service. Eventually their voices got through to me. Somewhere along the way, I realized I was pretty darn good at this critique thing. And my critique service was born. But I ran into a problem. My critiques are highly detailed. I often offer deep analysis and mini courses within a critique. I found that doing critiques was robbing me of my creative energy. So, I suspended the service.

The critique process forced me to learn more about writing. While critiquing, when I instinctually sensed something interfering with good storytelling but didn’t know exactly what it was or how to express it, I would seek answers.

I noticed there were consistent issues in the manuscripts that I critiqued. I noticed I was repeating the same mini courses but custom written for the manuscript I was critiquing. Suspending my critique service left me still wanting to help fellow writers, so I decided to put everything that I learned through my critiquing experiences and put it in a self-study course ART OF ARC.

I have reopened my critique service, but only for those who have taken my course. This allows me to reference lessons in the course that the author of the manuscript can revisit to help strengthen the areas of concern in their stories.

LNC: What about your course?  Who would benefit from taking it?

·       Anyone who wants a deeper understanding of arcs, conflict, tension, emotional core and more

·       Anyone who is new to picture book writing

·       Picture book writers who want to develop further and become more powerful and effective storytellers

·       Picture book writers who need a stronger foundation in storytelling

·       Picture book writers who want to build on what they have learned in other courses or from craft books

·       Picture book writers who want a methodical system for analyzing and revising their manuscripts

·       Picture book writers who want a methodical system for analyzing mentor texts or their critique partners’ work

·       Anyone with picture book manuscripts in need of revision

·       Anyone who has no idea what a story or character arc is

·       Anyone who has no idea what episodic stories or cause and effect are

LNC: What does the course cover?

AKC: This course takes students into a deeper level of picture book writing (using a traditional arc method) than most picture book courses. All lessons have reusable worksheets for analyzing manuscripts. The lessons walk students through the writing and analyzing process step by step. For more details and testimonials visit my website http://www.alaynekaychristian.com/page05.html





LESSON FIVE: EPISODIC STORIES - Includes methods for testing your story for episodic elements.






The course includes an excellent eight-page supplement detailing sixteen different picture book structures. Each diagram and description includes a list of picture books to study for that particular structure.

LNC: Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?

AKC: For anyone who made it through the whole interview, I appreciate you sticking it out. I know it is a long interview; thanks to chatty ol’ me.

LNC:  I think it’s magic, this bond that has planted and is growing at Spork and I feel so blessed having been introduced to you.  Thank you so much for sharing your time, energy and thoughts with me.
I agree wholeheartedly about the magic. And I am so happy you are a part of that magic, Laura!

Thank you so much Alayne for stopping by and sharing your time and energy with us.  You really are magic and I wish nothing but the best for you.

Alayne Kay Christian is an award-winning children’s book author and a certified life coach. Her picture book Butterfly Kisses for Grandma and Grandpa (Blue Whale Press, LLC) received the Mom’s Choice Awards gold medal and an IPPY Awards silver medal. Alayne’s Sienna, the Cowgirl Fairy chapter book series launches in April 2017 with the first book, Sienna, the Cowgril Fairy: Trying to Make it Rain (Spork an imprint of Clear Fork Publishing). Alayne is the creator and teacher of a picture book writing course, Art of Arc: How to Write and Analyze Picture Book Manuscripts. In the spring of 2016, Alayne and her husband sold their home in the Dallas, Texas area and became nomads as full-time RVers and part-time sailors.

Websites and blog links.
Alayne’s Website: http://www.alaynekaychristian.com

Butterfly Kisses for Grandma and Grandpa Website:

Clear Fork Publishing: https://www.clearforkpublishing.com/coming-soon/sienna-the-cowgirl-fairy/

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Author websites I aspire to

I found this one the other day.  It's amazing.  She sounds amazing.  Someone to aspire to.


I will post more when I find them.

In writing news- I am getting great feedback on my Climate Change picture book and today, I tackled, or it tackled me, a rhyming story involving gnomes.  Goodness, what a day.


Monday, January 23, 2017

StoryStorm 2017- Checking in

Tara Lazer's Storystorm is on it's 23rd day.  I am about 2 ideas short of the daily goal.  This weekend with the Women's March derailed me slightly but, I think I will pick up the pace this week and soon be back on track.

It's been good, all of these new ideas.  Three of which are already in manuscript form.  And, yesterday's idea I believe has major promise. Once I let it sit for a little while.

For any Picture Book writer Tara's challenge is a great one.  Totally supportive, inspiring and a great way to really push your creative juices.   Plus, all of the daily posts from author's and industry movers and shakers is totally useful.  No wonder she and Kidlit 411 were on the "Best Writing Blogs" winner's list.

Here is a link to Tara Lazar's page and today's Storystorm article!



Thursday, January 19, 2017

The gift of art! And other joyful moments in the process of Picture Book Publication

Today was a joy! A surprise and simple joy.

Today, I met Egg, in art form.  Better yet, I had choices.  Cute choices, sweet choices, different shaped choices.  Choices with and without glasses.  It was AWESOME!

Meeting your Picture Book character as an image for the first time is amazing! And I have been so blessed with my illustrator.  Sunny Choi is so generous and open and talented.  As I stated before, synchronicity. 

I can't share anything yet.  But just you wait.  They are awesome and I am rejuvenated with excitement for this story, this character and all that come along with this journey.

More later, when I can share!

Oh in the meantime, writer's if you haven't been watching Kidlit411 YOU SHOULD BE.
Check out their posts and their birthday presents- To us the readers.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Spork Sisters Unite: Interview One, Melissa Stoller Author

Spork Sisters Unite!

Finding a supportive community in the publishing world

Interview One-

Melissa Stoller, Author

          The world of Children’s publishing, for a writer can be dark, full of lots of rejection as well as moments of joy in creation, and many many hours alone with your thoughts.  Something special happened for me last year.  One of my manuscripts found a home at Clear Fork Publishing. Not only did I win the lottery in finding a home for Egg, but I was gifted a new community in The Spork Sisters.
          Spork Sisters is a brilliant, lovely, supportive and creative group of women (now a couple men) who are adding their light and energy to the world, one story at a time. And I thought, I would share my great new fortune with you.

          The first, of hopefully many to be interviewed is Melissa Stoller.

          Welcome Melissa, and thank you so much for offering up your time to answer some questions about your experience in the Publishing world of Children’s Lit.

L.N.C- First, I would love to know about the three things you are most passionate about-

M.S.- I am most passionate about several things: my family of course (my husband, three daughters, and one puppy!), writing, reading, travel, creativity, making connections between people, and sharing ideas with children who will read my work. I hope that my books will bring smiles to kids’ faces, introduce them to exciting people and places (some historical, some modern, some magical), and encourage them to explore the world.

L.N.C- Tell me about you?  Where do you write/illustrate? How long have you been writing/illustrating? What do you most love to write/illustrate?  What is a challenge?

M.S.- I live in New York City! I love the energy of the city – inspiration flows around me day and night. I also relish being close to Long Island, where I am from originally. The beaches are among the best in the world and I have imagined several story plots while taking long walks by the ocean.

L.N.C- Where are you in the process of publishing? Is this your first publication?  If not, what was the first experience like? If not with Spork, how was it different?

M.S.- I am thrilled that Clear Fork/Spork is publishing two of my stories: The first book in my chapter book series, THE ENCHANTED SNOW GLOBE COLLECTION: BOOK ONE – RETURN TO CONEY ISLAND, is releasing April 2017, and my debut picture book OLIVE’S MAGIC PAINTBRUSH is releasing Spring 2018.

L.N.C- Can you tell me about the most magical moment in the process you have experienced…?

M.S.- The most magical part of the experience so far was when Callie emailed me to say she enjoyed my chapter book premise and wanted to see more. Much later, when she told me she wanted to publish my chapter book series, I actually started to cry!

L.N.C- What has been the hardest moment/aspect? (Marketing, School Visits, Editing)

M.S.- I am in the midst of the marketing process now . . . it isn’t easy and I’m learning as I go along!

L.N.C- What are you most excited about? (Marketing, School Visits, Editing)

I’m really looking forward to school visits! I am hoping to go back to my old elementary school. . . I have class pictures and lots of great memories to share!

L.N.C- Tell me about your book- Characters, location, problem, escalation, resolution.

I pitched THE ENCHANTED SNOW GLOBE SERIES as a cross between THE MAGIC TREE HOUSE book series and the BACK TO THE FUTURE movies. In the first book, RETURN TO CONEY ISLAND, 9-year-old twins Emma and Simon visit their grandmother for a sleepover. When they shake one of her snow globes, they are immediately transported to 1928 Coney Island. There, they encounter their great-grandmother and their great-grandfather who are supposed to meet on the Coney Island trolley according to family legend. When events conspire against the meeting, the twins must do something to make it happen, otherwise they might never be born.

This story is very special to me, as it is based on the true story about the day when my grandparents, Jessie and Jack, met on the Coney Island trolley!

 L.N.C- How are you taking over the world? (Blog, website, twitter, Facebook, interviews, school visits)

M.S.- Ha! I do feel like I am trying to conquer social media. I have a new website and I’m starting a blog called “This Writing Life:  Stories . . . Creativity . . . Connection” (www.MelissaStoller.com). I’ve been active on Facebook and Twitter (@MelissaStoller) for a while and I really love interacting with the kidlit community…the most generous community imaginable. This is actually my first blog interview . . . thanks for asking me to contribute!!

L.N.C- Did anything change for you since signing with Spork? As a writer?  As an individual?

M.S.- Since signing with Clear Fork/Spork, I have joined this amazing group of writers led by the incredible Callie Metler-Smith. I am so happy to work with a publisher who is professional, hard-working, creative, and incredibly smart too! And Callie is so supportive of her authors and illustrators.

 L.N.C- Does the support from the “Sisters” inform on your overall confidence to try something new?

M.S.- I’m so thankful for my SPORK SISTERS group! It’s the most lovely and welcoming group of smart and talented writers. I love how we learn from each other and share tips about what to do and what not to do. The support I feel from this group has definitely given me the confidence to take more risks with my writing and to push myself out of my comfort zone. Long live the SPORK SISTERS!

L.N.C- What does it mean to have something like “Spork Sisters” in your corner?  Do you feel like the “Sisters” will be a benefit to you while you are in the publishing world?  If so, how?

M.S.- Absolutely! I know that my bond with my SPORK SISTERS will last . . . as we move forward with our publishing projects we have each other’s backs. We are actively working to promote each other and to help with marketing efforts. We have a Facebook group and we communicate on a daily basis, sharing this writing journey. I’m hoping that one day soon we’ll have a joint book release party to celebrate all our successes in person!

            Thank you Melissa. I think this adventure is magic and that this bond of Spork Sisters is growing.  I feel so blessed having been introduced to you.  And I want to thank you so much for sharing your time, energy and thoughts with me and my readers.  So much good luck to Melissa Stoller on your future projects!

You can find more information about Melissa  here: https://www.clearforkpublishing.com/our-authors/melissa-stoller/

Monday, January 9, 2017

Owning our strengths and weaknesses and coming out the otherside

I am a writer. 

I am a creative person who loves bringing light and voice to situations and people who need them. 

I am also dyslexic and far from perfect and just a bit blind when it comes to grammar issues in my own writing. I do not think I am alone in this.

Here is the important part-

All of my life, I fought with self doubt and the thoughts that I was unworthy of success as a writer because of these weaknesses.

But the truth is- Everyone has weaknesses.  Everyone has strengths. 

No one should ever give up their dreams because of a hurdle of this nature.  Dream, create, just be the best you, you can offer your creations.

My biggest wish for my projects is that they inspire, brighten and positively change the world. One child at a time.

Insert a hurdle this weekend-

It was brought to my attention that some of my posted material was lacking in the grammar department. 

I OWN that.

I OWN that I am not perfect.

But, after the tears and wadding through layers of self doubt and imposter feelings, I realized something (Thanks to some lovely and awesome friends.)

My strength is in creating.  In bring to the fresh air new ideas, new voices that bring light and good energy to the world.  

I AM a WRITER. And, it's OK, if things are imperfect.

Because, I am doing my best being creative.

You can believe that I will never give up trying to get things just right, or as perfect as they could be, but I can't let those issues consume me and stop me from doing what I do best, create.

So after this last hurdle I am refocusing on my strengths: my ideas, my characters.

And like my character Egg, I will EMBRACE WHO and WHAT I AM, no matter if it fits everyone's idea of what or who I SHOULD be. 

This is important for everyone especially Children who should be allowed to fail. Failure gives them perspective and helps them learn, especially when creating art.

Adult should be allowed to fail too, because learning never stops.  

So, readers I am OWNING my MISTAKES and CELEBRATING my WEAKNESSES because they make me ME.  

Here, in this space I hope that you always feel comfortable telling me if I am off track.  Know, that it is always good to have reminders. But understand I am here to bring idea's into the light and give voice to characters who want to speak. Everything else will follow, importantly, behind.

Thank you Laurie Wetzel and Kendhal Cruver for you amazing support.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Because how often does this happen? Check out Egg!!!


Written by Laura Clement

Illustrated by Sunny Choi

Release Date: April 11, 2017

Egg - Preorder

    Egg - Preorder

    When you’re destined for greatness but can’t swim, life in a duck family is a little complicated, especially if you’re a dragon who just happens to sneeze, fire. Egg is hero on her very own journey, slightly out of place and lost in her world but surrounded by love and unknown danger. WHOMPBOOM! along with Egg on her adventure as she discovers sometimes greatness is within you all along.
    • Available
    • Ships within 1-3 days1

    Sunny Choi