Friday, September 16, 2016

In the mean time-

So, I am still waiting to hear about the illustrator.  I promise I will make the announcement as soon as I know!  So exciting.

How to fill up my creative time in this pause?

I know. I'll write! 

I don't know if it is because I have more time (now that Mia is in school) or my new tradition of that second cup of tea in the morning, but I am totally having a blast writing. 

Yesterday I started on a new piece I am calling "Q" and I am so in love with this new character.  It is so much fun to "meet" a new voice and get to know them.  To explore a new story and figure out the best way to tell their story and in doing so discover even more about writing and the world.

So , you might ask, what got me started on this new character? 

It was something that I gleaned from a webinar that 12x12 offered the other day about crafting good read aloud stories with the fabulous Matthew Winner.  Being introduced to his podcast is an amazing gift.  Thank you Julie Hedlund and the 12x12 staff for making that possible. 

12x12 by the way has kept me going these last couple of years.  Having deadlines and a community has been key in dealing with rejection, learning new skills and pushing forward.

So now what?  More waiting I guess. More writing, lots and lots of more editing and a nice meet up with my fabulous critique group this weekend.

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