Monday, January 9, 2017

Owning our strengths and weaknesses and coming out the otherside

I am a writer. 

I am a creative person who loves bringing light and voice to situations and people who need them. 

I am also dyslexic and far from perfect and just a bit blind when it comes to grammar issues in my own writing. I do not think I am alone in this.

Here is the important part-

All of my life, I fought with self doubt and the thoughts that I was unworthy of success as a writer because of these weaknesses.

But the truth is- Everyone has weaknesses.  Everyone has strengths. 

No one should ever give up their dreams because of a hurdle of this nature.  Dream, create, just be the best you, you can offer your creations.

My biggest wish for my projects is that they inspire, brighten and positively change the world. One child at a time.

Insert a hurdle this weekend-

It was brought to my attention that some of my posted material was lacking in the grammar department. 

I OWN that.

I OWN that I am not perfect.

But, after the tears and wadding through layers of self doubt and imposter feelings, I realized something (Thanks to some lovely and awesome friends.)

My strength is in creating.  In bring to the fresh air new ideas, new voices that bring light and good energy to the world.  

I AM a WRITER. And, it's OK, if things are imperfect.

Because, I am doing my best being creative.

You can believe that I will never give up trying to get things just right, or as perfect as they could be, but I can't let those issues consume me and stop me from doing what I do best, create.

So after this last hurdle I am refocusing on my strengths: my ideas, my characters.

And like my character Egg, I will EMBRACE WHO and WHAT I AM, no matter if it fits everyone's idea of what or who I SHOULD be. 

This is important for everyone especially Children who should be allowed to fail. Failure gives them perspective and helps them learn, especially when creating art.

Adult should be allowed to fail too, because learning never stops.  

So, readers I am OWNING my MISTAKES and CELEBRATING my WEAKNESSES because they make me ME.  

Here, in this space I hope that you always feel comfortable telling me if I am off track.  Know, that it is always good to have reminders. But understand I am here to bring idea's into the light and give voice to characters who want to speak. Everything else will follow, importantly, behind.

Thank you Laurie Wetzel and Kendhal Cruver for you amazing support.


  1. Oh my gosh, Laura. I absolutely love this! So touching and inspiring.

  2. This was a scary post to post. Thank you for your kind comment. It's hard to admit to being human and not perfect.