Tuesday, March 7, 2017

34 days and counting! A Title Page and a Website!

Only 34 days left until Egg hatches. 

I have a couple fun things to report.  We have picked a cover!  I will post it soon.

We have picked a title page. 
I can post that now.

I have started organizing swag bag material!  Special bookmarks and stickers for anyone who pre orders Egg.

And I finished my website!

There is still lots to do, but I am waiting on final edits and crafting a spectacular book launch event at Secret Garden Books here in Ballard.

I recently received an invite to present at the May 9th Inside Story put on by SCBWI.  So it looks like I need to fine tune a 2 minute presentation.  It's all very exciting.

Even with all of this going on I have continued to find time to write and have several new manuscripts.  Some of which are getting very close to being submission ready. 

In the mean time, critique groups, SCBWI meetings and Storytellers Academy.
I'll check in with the cover as soon as I have received the go ahead!

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