Monday, April 17, 2017

Persistence, Patience and Productivity- the 3 P’s for my week. 

Persistence, Patience and Productivity- Sticking with the 3 P’s as I am waiting for Egg to Hatch.  Sure, she is a little behind schedule, but I have done all my work, now it is time to let other’s do theirs. 

Persistence- Going to the SCBWI regional conference. Learning more. Meeting more people. Writing new stories, editing older ones.  Taking notes from conference round tables and work. Work. Working hard to make things better.

Patience- Taking care of me.  Walking. Seeing friends.  And letting others build me up when I am sliding down letting self-doubt creep in.

Productivity- Letting the creative back in.  Finding new voices to build around and old voice to spice up or make stronger.  Practice pitches.  Practice reading aloud. Practice being an extrovert. 

Today was the first day after the last day of SPRING BREAK.  My morning has been packed full of things needing to be done.  It was the first day I have really had time to write.  And… it… felt… GOOD!

One brand new manuscript ready for reading.  One new idea ready for manuscript creation and one old story, that I just can’t seem to get right, reworked again.

Persistence, Patience and Productivity- the 3 P’s for my week. 

No news on the Hatching of Egg, yet.  I will keep you up to date. Promise.

Until then, a tease of one of my favorite spreads-

Go and let the wind tickle your creative, dance in moonlight and breathe deeply the spring blooms.

On a marketing note- I found this blog. What a great resource.


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  1. I love your three Ps! And thanks for sharing a great blog resource. Can't wait to read EGG!!