Monday, April 24, 2017

That moment when you type in your name on Amazon and find your book!


Even though I am still waiting to hold my book in my very own hands.  I can find it listed on Amazon. A place that I go to weekly to order things I need in my every day life.

Now, you can find one of my creations there!

It's amazing to see Egg, peeking out from under her egg hat.  So beautifully illustrated by Sunny Choi, I know that people will want to get to know her.   She's just too cute not to make a few clicks, read the synopsis, and realize that Egg's story is perfect for their child or for a child they know.

So while I wait I know that there is an cute Egg end in sight.  That kids and parents will have access to my Egg, to her joys, her adventure of self discovery and inner strength. 

And this... this makes me so happy.



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