Saturday, December 30, 2017

Heading into 2018, wiser?

2018 Goals-
  • Post more useful information for writers on this blog. 
(PLEASE send me your questions- about writing, about publishing, about school visits... etc.)
  • Post more interviews on the blog.
  • Research and find the perfect agent.

  • Design a school visit presentation.
  • Visit more schools.
  • Write MORE- Picture Books, maybe even another novel.
  • Edit MORE- Get my novel through two more rounds of edits and readers.  Continue to fine tune my picture books.
  • Visit more Bookstore- Get EGG more shelve exposure.
  • Prep for and have a wonderful Book Launch for Q.
  • Reconnect with Storytellers Academy really utilize 12x12 and complete the Master's class I have signed up with.
  • Build my "What IF?" after school program for young creatives.
  • READ lots!
  • Review lots!

Each of these, together or separate is a good goal.  And a list, I believe, attainable. Time will tell.

Now that you have seen my list, let's talk about pacing.  Let's talk about staying focused.  Let's talk about balance creative time vs down in the trenches time.

Having made it through my first year with a published book, I have a much better idea what this next year will look like.  I know how much marketing, how much face time and leg work needs to be done.  And, I don't. 

I know what happened with EGG. 

Q could be a totally different experience. And, I am fine with that.  But, NOW I have a much better base of information to build from.

  • Pacing-  This week I am going to calendar up my year.  I will fold in, writing time, editing time, marketing time, and time with butt out of chair-living time.

Without the calendar I think I would feel overwhelmed. I guess my skills as a Professional Organizer will be utilized to their max.  So, writers- have a separate calendar or calendar color for all of your writing activities.

  • Staying focused- The calendar will help with this, but really in order to stay focused, you need to know how to answer a few questions-  
    • Why are you writing?  For whom?
    • Who are YOU as a writer?
    • And Where do you want to go with your writing?

If/when you can answer these questions, staying focused will be easier.

  • Now, the hardest part- Balance.

The two items above will HELP with Balance.  But the most important thing to remember, especially when our busy non writing lives interrupt us... be mindful of your spirit.  No matter what the calendar says, no matter what your goals are, LISTEN to yourself.

If you need to skip a BIC (Butt In Chair) day and go for a walk... GO FOR A WALK!  You might find new inspiration.  Go to a movie.  Go on a date with your sweetie.

If you need take a moment and connect with some JOY, do it.  Go find it.  Keep your spirit, your heart and your head as happy as you can. 

Right now the world feels like it is on fire, try your best to unplug from that enough to breathe.

Remember-Writing is not a sprint (that's marketing, lol).  Writing is the marathon.  Keep hydrated, keep your body as rested as you can and your mind clear so that you can fight through pain, self doubt and rejection, rejection, rejection (yes, I said that 3 times).

The most important aspect of balance for a writer, find your tribe. 

Get a critique group. 

You will have a much better time finding balance in your writing life if you have one.

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