Sunday, March 4, 2018

So many good things offered in the world of Kid Lit

Today I enjoyed working on something for Vivian Kirkfield's #50PreciousWords

Check it out if you get a chance-
#50preciouswords Writing Contest

After a harrowing family drama filled weekend that included a Celebration of Life event for my Grandma.  She lived long and prospered until 93- I sat down and decided to give the 50 word challenge a shot.

Here is my submission.  I of course had to write about Food and my daughter, who LOVES food.  Since there is such joy in watching her zest for life and in the anticipation of food, this just seemed to fit nicely. Writing it filled me with energy and hope, love and remembrances.  And... It's only 48 words!

I hope you enjoy it.

Sunday morning Dim Sum

She wakes without the light of morning.



Joyfully greeting the day of promised possibilities…

Hand in hand, leaving the car to rest,

She springs up the street,

To wait.

Hopping on one foot in anticipation, too big now for mother’s arms,

Until their table is set.

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