Thursday, November 8, 2018

CHESH Reviews on Facebook/Twitter

This year in order to really hold myself accountable for reading lots of Picture Books (a joy I try to partake of every day) I decided to start reviewing.

The first challenge to make it all doable- keeping it simple.  In order to keep things simple I made a template a 5 category 1-5 rating system called CHESH which stands for:


A top score is 25.  Each category is unique to the book.  Crave, will I want to read this again? And again? And again?

Heart: Does this story touch the reader (me/my daughter)?

Eyes: Do the illustrations shine? Do they work with the text?  

Soul: Does this story affect the reader, inspire the reader?

And Head: Is this book informative either by creating imagination within the reader with the story and or full of information about a topic?

I am currently up to 25 reviews.  I try to do a couple a month.  Mostly I like to highlight the great books I have found/read, occasionally I post reviews of books that fall short.

To check out these reviews you can visit my Facebook page- 

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