Tuesday, April 23, 2019

CHESH Review #69 Sweety by Andrea Zuill

CHESH Review #69 Sweety by Andrea Zuill

CHESH Rating: 23
Crave: 4
Heart: 5 
Eyes: 4
Soul: 5
Head: 5

With the first two lines, "Sweety was awkward. Even for a naked mole rat." it's hard not to land on greatness.  This book is a gem. With Sweety on each page you feel invited into an awkwardness that fills every inch of your heart.  The adorable illustration do not overwhelm from the depth of character, in fact they allow everything to shine.  Fitting in, a universal theme, is addressed in a quirky and loving way and helps one feel, as a reader, included.  When finished reading it's almost if you walk away with a new friend in Sweety.

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