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written by Laura N. Clement, 

illustrated by Sunny J. Choi

                        When you’re destined for greatness but can’t swim, life in a duck
             family is a little complicated, especially if you’re a dragon who just happens
             to sneeze, FIRE.
                        Egg is a hero on her very own journey, slightly out of place and lost in
             her world but surrounded by love and unknown danger.   
                        WHOMPBOOM! With Egg on her adventure as she discovers sometimes
             greatness is within, all along.


       Winner will be chosen and notified on Egg's hatch day April 11th, 2017

The Egg Worksheet-
First Name: ____________________
Age: _______

An Egg can be filled with anything- An idea, a dream, a chicken, a duck or a...
If you found a special egg what would it look like?
(Draw your Egg!)

What’s in your special Egg?

Does it have a name?

What special thing would your Egg after it hatched?

And how would your Egg help it's family?

Rules and Regulations:

Print and fill out.  Scan or take picture of worksheet then send to:  Subject:  Egg Worksheet.
Include your name.
Age and a return address or contact information.

Parents please give permissions for image and text publication here on blog, Facebook and Twitter.  Full names and contact information will NOT be displayed.  First name and age only.

[ ] I give permission for Laura N. Clement and Clement Creations to use images and text submitted for publication on this blog for marketing purposes.

*One entry per child please.

* For children ages 8 and under.

Contact information:

Email: __________________________

Or Address: _________________________________________________________

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