Thursday, April 1, 2021

My Spring Fling Entry for 2021

 Using this lovely, GIF. I was inspired to write an entry.


Not long after the cozy boots on sled dog feet race across,

and the SHUSH, 


RUMBLE under sled runners wake the tired musher—

the icy river begins to stretch. 

Over the winter road, many tracks crisscross— 



And beyond then, 


Fox waits. 

Moose listens. 

Bear, cozy in dreaming, begins to rouse.

Birds, varied in colors dart and dash with delight through the crisp air, noting the change. 

All along the forest edge speckled green hats pop through the snow and bow to winter before greeting the sun. 

The ice, timing itself for a grand farewell holds onto the still river until one morning… 

the air feels 


warm, light, and fresh. 

Under a clear blue-sky thunder 


shaking the air and each snow-covered tree into a brand-new season. 

White melts into brown, 

frozen softens into ripples,

currents roll into waves, 

 that dance out to sea.

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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Dealing with the inner and outer critic-

 A poem-

Somedays words, in all their glory, texture, taste, touch and sound overwhelm my fingers, overtake the page and swallow me whole.

And this is OK. 

Spilling out words in an avalanche means there are at least ideas on a page. There might even a glimmer of a voice inside them.


Too many means there might be SOMETHING worth keeping AFTER, the first, then the second then-oh who keeps count-round of edits.


It’s never perfect.  

It’s art. 

It’s a feeling. 

It’s a moment I MUST share, for some odd reason. 



Because, if I don’t write I’ll explode, or simply fade away.  They really are the same thing if you think about it.


So, yes. 

My writing might-at least at the beginning of a project-overwhelm. 

I’m fine with that.  

The manuscript might even feel too heavy after a few drafts. That’s OK too…


It’s all OK.  Because I am writing. 

I have started something that needs to BE. 

Heck, I might even one day finish it and that is perfection, even if it isn't perfect.

Thursday, October 1, 2020


I have been writing during this crazy time, just not on the blog BUT something inspired me greatly, so I decided to post it here.

I adore Autumn and Kaitlyn Sancheze @kaitlynlean17 has given me a chance to really adore it more.  This story is inspired by this image-

Here it is The Gift, it's only 197 words, 3 under the 200 limit! It highlights #DIS in a beautifully positive way and is deliciously autumnal!


     Sam uncoiled his glee and let his four legs spring leaps and bounds over the crisp snap and crackle of the ground.  With his work vest off, he was ready to play.  Nothing, not the mud in the in-between with its slips and slides, or the smell of treats from Sarah's pocket could stop him from exploding into the freshly raked pile of waiting leaves.

     All he needed was a...

    Then, down the ramp, bounding in a wingless flight, Sam sprung feet first PLUNGE...CRASH...CRUNCH.

    Waves of gold and crimson leaves burst into the damp gray afternoon air, alive with Sarah's laughter-fireworks of joy-cheering Sam into wilder wiggles and squiggles.  Blissfully burrowing deeper into the rainbow of fallen leaves Sam let autumn gobble him whole, until...


    Then, up and out, Sam sprang onto the rise of the ramp, bringing with him treasures-broken bits and pieces of summer now dressed in rain and frost-for Sarah's senses to devour.  Pressing into the large wheel of Sarah's chair Sam rested his chin on her armrest and waited while she hungrily explored the puzzle of textures and delicious scents buried in his fur.

    A gift.

    Sam waited, until...


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

100 words-or-less Challenge 11.26.19- Sand, bark, Stone

[No Illo Notes in the text- Imagine Sophia's surroundings becoming more and more vibrant with each page turn until each page is FULL of the life around her at the park. The final page needs to show her whole (family) joining her.]

Waiting for a Sunday Sea Park Picnic

Sophia sat, all alone.

              Except for the sand sifting through her fingers…

              …Sea weeds ticking her toes…

              …stones cracking and slacking under blanket folds…

              …ducks just beyond the hill, scampering-one, two, three-steps from air to pond…

              …beavers crunching, munching, forever lunching on fallen branches…

              Sophia sat, all alone… surrounded by myriads of tones…


              … and throngs of songs.

              Her being touching textures, ruggedly rough…silvery smooth…

              …and puckered and pocked.

              Sophia sat all alone…

…Smelling sea brine, she counted her time, one heartbeat to the next.

              Watching, waiting, feeling life from the sea push against land until a…


Monday, November 25, 2019

CHESH Review #81 A Place to Stay- A Shelter Story written by Erin Gunti, illustrated by Esteli Meza

CHESH Review #81 A Place to Stay- A Shelter Story written by Erin Gunti, illustrated by Esteli Meza

CHESH Rating: 23
Crave: 4
Heart: 5
Eyes: 4
Soul: 5
Head: 5

Mad props for this book getting published, there needs to be more on the subject.  First-person child voice in a difficult situation-physically and emotionally.  As a conversation starter, this book gets things going well.  Pointing out many aspects of staying in a shelter and how to reframe one's perspective to make the best of a hard situation. 

CHESH Review #80 Home in The Woods by Eliza Wheeler

CHESH Review #80 Home in The Woods by Eliza Wheeler

Heart: 5
Eyes: 5
Soul: 5
Head: 5

Stunning from end page to end page. Eliza Walker's story about her grandmother's childhood, living in a small hut in the woods during the depression is lusciously dappled in a soft watercolor palate that makes the reader crave for another page turn.  Warmth emanates from the text as we the reader follow from season to season a new sense of normal in survival for this family. This book is one of my favorite's for the year.

CHESH Review #79 The Day Punctuation Came to Town by Kimberlee Gard, illustrated by Sanie Sonke

CHESH Review #79 The Day Punctuation Came to Town by Kimberlee Gard, illustrated by Sanie Sonke

CHESH Rating: 19
Crave: 3
Heart: 3
Eyes: 5
Soul: 3
Head: 5

I applaud how the author and illustrator have endeavored to created a world that strives to familiarize and make accessible punctuation.  The story aims to be universal, however, things get bogged down in the application of each punctuations job and as a dyslexic reader, I found each page with all of the varied fonts, colors, etc, very hard to follow. 

This is a beautiful book, the subject matter and overlaying story are at odds with an easy read.  But, this IS a useful tool for starting a conversation about punctuation. 

100 Words or less Challenge- 11.25.19- Tub, Sparkle, Wheel

[No Illustration notes BUT, imagine a little girl twirling and whirly in a yard, eventually landing on the grass, staring up at the sky.]


The trouble with spinning is… gravity.
After all, I am not a wheel.
I do not evenly turn-Squirm Squish-or- PLOD-or-Tickle Fantastic-on the ground.
I do not whirl with purpose.
My twirling desires are more, imaginary…
…more ethereal…
…more uplifting, much less… specific.
Like all the possibilities of a freshly opened tub of glitter-Sparkly-Dense-With layers upon layers of magic. I wish I were glitter but, never mind…
Gravity, my forever problem.
Because you see, spinning-not like a wheel-can be disastrous.
Especially if-PING-or-PLONK-then always-THWAP-and finally-THUD!
Without gravity, things would be much easier, but then again maybe… less interesting.

Friday, November 22, 2019

100 words or Less Challenge- 11.22.19- Blanket, Pin, Fog

Morning Hot Chocolate 

Even my fingers don’t want to travel out from under sleep, 
but then...


They must.

Good morning in singsong with promises of breakfast,
wrestle away my resistance and successfully turn down my blanket.

An offering of cold clothes by warm hands, morning hugs and…

I am awake.

Lazily placing each foot in front of the other I navigate the fog of the early morning.

The chill of the house pins against my skin until…


I celebrate awake in smooth, 
velvety sweetness.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

100 words or less (I failed 108 words today)- 11.20.19-Snow/ Goat/Passport


I love earth underfoot.

Rock piles for climbing.

Winding craggy paths and rolling pine cones readied for a game of chase.

But one bright blue morning my world, went dark.

A passport assigned, curated and stamped for immediate relocation changed everything.
The dusting of snow and wisps of grass-delectable and sweet- suddenly disappeared with a thunderous…

Ricocheting like hail off my mountain.

Though, wingless and unsuited for flight my body, bound but cradled rested cozily in a dream while the landscape shifted and I burst unaware…

… aloft.

Immense distance-rivers, lakes, winding roads, hilly terrain, soared beneath me until…

…once more a mountain was home.

Inspired by a true story- You KNOW I am a sucker for anything to do with goats. 

Monday, November 18, 2019

100 words or less Challenge- "Cat Mornings"


Bamboo. News. Fog.

Cat Mornings

It begins when I am ready. 

Not before.

Mornings can't push me. 

Move me into-

Not the illumination of fog against the window,

Not the tapping of fingers against glowing screens of news…

I resist.

I roll,
 and curl myself into warmth and ignore everything.

Including you-
with your flying feet. 

Beeping alarms.
 And selfish unshared breakfast.

I remain contentedly "asleep" until...

 I am ready to...


Unless of course, like the morning before... 
... I choose early as my time to rise.

Nothing is ever safe at that hour.

Bamboo leaves...

...warm tucked in toes.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Alas my Halloweensie 100 words or less story did not win the contest BUT...

I had such a great time doing that challenge that I have devised a writing prompt for myself and possibly other writers.

Three times a week I will- challenge myself by writing 100 words or less story. Using three randomly chosen words to incorporate!

To keep on course and honest about doing the work, I will post them here.
To other writers, if you so desire to have your creations posted here contact me.  I would love to honor and share our hard work and progress!

So, my first piece is a sentimental one.  It's about my daughter (adopted from China). Who had a nickname in the orphanage that meant "Little Bird." In trying to honor that, I gifted her a necklace years ago of a single bird feather, which she wears every day.

I hope you enjoy.

11/8/19- 100 words or less

Feather. Gift. Belonging. 


Everything but me is new.
New clothes.
New home.
New weather.
New feels and flavors.
New. New. New.
All strange, but also- warm, safe and after a while…
A brand-new kind of new.
Where the not new me, begins to feel new, too.
Here, my touch, feels, flavors discover feelings of something unknown-Belonging.
Here, forever home wraps around me and all of my old mingle and blend with my new.

Here, in a simple gift, like a name I touch sculpted metal and understand that a feather lying gently near my heartbeat holds the power of everything.