Friday, January 6, 2017

A new Year! And all ready packing it full of creativity.

Last year saw me signing my first contract!  And I really am excited about "SEEING" Egg.  Though not sure when I will actually SEE Egg.

Last year saw Mia going to school and me having a little more time to write.  And write I did.  I think I am rolling strong with over 20 either "THERE" or almost "THERE" manuscripts.

12x12 was very helpful.  I received some great insight/rejections from agents.  Learned more, experimented more and grew.

So now onto this year-
Jan. 6th.  I am signed up for another year with 12x12.  I have 10 idea's, 1 full on rough draft of an idea and up to my eyeballs in illustrating one of my stories (Thank you Arree Chung and Storytellers).

So far so good.  Oh and yes, in classic fashion, I buried the lead- I just signed my second contract!
This time for my story Q.  I have opted to go with Clear Fork Publishing again as they seem very much interested in my overall goals- Bringing Light, Energy and Positive Change to the world.

Q is a story about a little girl, Susie Q.  Who only says one word, "Q", she has a developmental delay in her speech, but she is sassy, fun and eventually on her way to fitting into the world in her own way.

So there you have it, 2017.  Off to a good start.  I'll keep rolling as best I can.  I know there will be set backs, rough days, many more rejections.  But, hopefully an agent soon. Then more voices in print added to the world to help bring Light, Energy and Positive Change. 

I have so many ideas.  So many characters itching for their time on a page.  Fingers crossed 2017.  Fingers crossed.

Blog goals for the year.  More interviews.  More entries around writing and process. More reviews and mentor texts.

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