Monday, January 23, 2017

StoryStorm 2017- Checking in

Tara Lazer's Storystorm is on it's 23rd day.  I am about 2 ideas short of the daily goal.  This weekend with the Women's March derailed me slightly but, I think I will pick up the pace this week and soon be back on track.

It's been good, all of these new ideas.  Three of which are already in manuscript form.  And, yesterday's idea I believe has major promise. Once I let it sit for a little while.

For any Picture Book writer Tara's challenge is a great one.  Totally supportive, inspiring and a great way to really push your creative juices.   Plus, all of the daily posts from author's and industry movers and shakers is totally useful.  No wonder she and Kidlit 411 were on the "Best Writing Blogs" winner's list.

Here is a link to Tara Lazar's page and today's Storystorm article!


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