Thursday, January 19, 2017

The gift of art! And other joyful moments in the process of Picture Book Publication

Today was a joy! A surprise and simple joy.

Today, I met Egg, in art form.  Better yet, I had choices.  Cute choices, sweet choices, different shaped choices.  Choices with and without glasses.  It was AWESOME!

Meeting your Picture Book character as an image for the first time is amazing! And I have been so blessed with my illustrator.  Sunny Choi is so generous and open and talented.  As I stated before, synchronicity. 

I can't share anything yet.  But just you wait.  They are awesome and I am rejuvenated with excitement for this story, this character and all that come along with this journey.

More later, when I can share!

Oh in the meantime, writer's if you haven't been watching Kidlit411 YOU SHOULD BE.
Check out their posts and their birthday presents- To us the readers.

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