Friday, May 12, 2017

That MOMENT when you meet your literary hero and hand him your published book.

That moment-

I had that moment last night.  My friend Heather, who is a light and joy in my world has been taking me to see Sherman Alexie talks all year.  Last night was my third (and yes, I do know how very fortunate I have been.) 

I have talked with Mr. Alexie before, about my daughter, about special needs kids in the public school system, and yes, about my writing.  Last night, I got to walk up to him and hand him EGG.  He smiled and seemed genuinely excited for me.  It was magic.

To say that THAT moment was an important one for me would be an understatement.  Mr. Alexie is something of a Neil Gaiman American God to me.  A strong voice of humanity that pulls at my soul.  His words, so deeply thought out, yet fresh as a new heartbeat affect my BEING.

I am in constant amazement of him. To be so smart, so sharp and so real, with such an ease on the stage, and understanding of any subject.  So yes, last night my little EGG found it's way into the hands of one of my hero's and it all feels right.

As per usual these last weeks, I could not fall asleep so, turning over I reached for my phone to write down a poem.  It whipped through my head like a flash Seattle rainstorm, heavy with wind and sideways rain.

It is not perfect.  It is rough and rolls around still, but it is real and it is my head and heart in this moment.  So I am going to share it with you.


You stand, crackling

Like air before thunder-

Your wit,

Simultaneously tracing multiple paths to,

One destination.

A whip of air,

Roll of words,


But, so softly human,

Near the tender underbelly of hope.

Hope that is not lost,

Not forever,

Not in echoes.

Not yet frozen in data like salt crystals on the lips of our children,


Are forgetting how to BREATHE, air.

Air that is forgetting how to be AIR.

You stand crackling,

And we hold,

Our hearts,

While everything changes.

Like mud,

Into vessels full of water,

Water we so desperately need to drink.

You stand crackling,

And the air around you is LISTENING,


Wanting more.

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