Monday, June 19, 2017

New Clear Fork Challenge- What was the moment you decided to be a writer?

It's a good question with a really boring answer.

I have always been writing.  Even with bad spelling, horrible grammar and all over the place plots. 

Why, because it's fun.  I LOVE creating things, worlds, people, voices that need to be shared. I really started with poetry.  I LOVE poetry.  There is something so spiritual about being wrapped up in a poem- a moment, a tear, a laugh and tingle of skin.  Poetry is magic.

Sharing my writing, that's different.  Putting my writing out there to be judged, critiqued, held up to others.  That isn't new new, but it's new on this level. 

And it's HARD. 

So far, I am surviving.  So far, I have been able to convey the worlds in my head well enough to other's that I am not being skewered.

But it isn't always rainbow and sunshine. 

Sometimes, putting work out there is terrifying and painful.  No matter how much success you have.

I made it through two critique groups last week.  And now, this Monday I am going to sit down, after letting things sit for a day or two, and work through all of the comments. 

There are good comments. There are- boy I must not have done my job well enough because the comments are from another planet, comments. 

It's all good feedback.  What I do with it... which ones I focus on... that's my job, that's part of writing that no one really talks about when they ask you-  What was the moment you decided you decided to be a writer?

Because being a writer, being a creative isn't always about being creative (I have that in spades), it's about the willingness to do the work.

To Read.

To Read lots.

To Read things that make you uncomfortable.

To Read things that you don't understand.

As much as you read the things that make your heart sing and make complete your world.

To honestly answer the question- What was the moment I decided to become a writer?

I'd have to say, the moment I fell in love with books.  And I fell in love with books before I could read. 

My love for books maintained even when I couldn't read, because I had a learning disability.

Even when after my Master's degree I couldn't pick one up because my brain was TIRED.  I knew, like a home, they would always be there for me.

So now, off to work.


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