Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Most Fabulous Egg Book Launch!

And a great time was had by all!

Saturday June 10th was packed full of great and supportive people and lots of WHOMPBOOMS!

There was cake!

And, Egg's! 

And lots of Rrrraatttttllleeesss and...


The room was full of lots of fabulous kids and parents!

And my talented and wonderful Critique Group!

Thank you all for helping to launch Egg! 

Egg is currently sold out.  But new copies have been ordered and will be on their way.  So, if you didn't get one at the launch, email me- lauranclement@yahoo.com  and I will make sure you get your copy!

Next on the Egg tour- A couple school visits!  See you later this week West Woodland Elementary

and next week, Pathfinder K-8!

Interested in a visit from an author?  Please visit my website's contact page: contact me here

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