Monday, August 21, 2017

Summer a busy time for Books?

Summer's are usually really hard for me to get any work done.  I have a now 7 year old taking up most if not all of my attention (less than 3 weeks to go).

And yet, this summer I accomplished something I have been planning on doing for about 10 years.  I wrote the first draft of my novel.  It's a historical fiction story involving Paris, Camille Claudel and her descendants.  There's a bit of a ghostly quality to it and I excited to say, even in it's first draft I have readers hooked immediately.  I am very much looking forward to Fall and time to edit.  I know how I want to approach it and what needs to be worked on.  I just need the TIME to do it.

Now, back to Picture books!

Today I am the guest on a Spork Sister Blog!
Thank you Melissa Stoller

I do so love this community at Clear Fork has created.  What a great bunch of talented and lovely people.  I feel very fortunate each and every day for this path.

Egg travelled out to the Washington Coast this weekend!  I learned a lot of about setting up future events, had some wonderful reading sessions with the kids and even sold some books!
Thank you Seabrook Kids Store for the warm welcome and the support.

It is an amazing thing to see your book in a store.  Even better to read it to a group of kids and have them involved and helping you read the story!

Also, I had a new idea for a story.  Might actually make my 12x12 deadline for August!  Looking forward to new writing and exploration!

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