Monday, September 18, 2017

Getting back to work now that schools is in session

And the race gun goes off- Now what?  Run as fast as I can?  Get as much done as possible?


Clear my head. 

Take one item at a time. 

Give my soul, 


and brain

the space and support they need

to get me ideally where I want to go.

I have an abundance of things to read should I choose LIKE-
Jane Friedman's article on Social Media

 Narrative Non Fiction vs Fiction for young readers

And I really want to get around to some amazing new books out there with a couple of reviews LIKE this one for Suzy Lee's Lines

I also have many things to promote LIKE-
Give A HUG- Hurricane Relief Fund Anthology

As well as set up School and Bookstore Visits-
By the way The Queen Anne Book Company is a LOVELY place to do readings.

Not to mention, put together a marketing packet for EGG to get it into some fabulous places.

So yea, clear my head- Start editing the novel I wrote this summer.  Continue to write picture books.

Plus, keep this blog a little more updated and continue to search for the right agent and query.

Not sure how I am going to do all of this just yet.  But, I WILL figure it out.

Or maybe I'll end up like my cat's Griffin and Dude and go belly up, lay in the sunshine and zone out.

Soon to post- Parts of the Poem and Story I donated for the Hurricane Relief book Clear Fork Publishing is putting out.

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