Tuesday, June 25, 2019

T minus 2 days until Summer Crashes upon us- What's a writer to do when there is no longer time to write?

OK, this is not my first full-on summer with my daughter.  I know certain things.
I will be a daily provider of adventures, lunches, snacks and "mommy school".
I also know that my writing time, if I get any, will be very limited.

So what can I do?

1. Sign up for an online class (Storytellers Acadamy is my choice this year).
By signing up for a class I am more likely to set aside time to do the work. 

2. Make MANY trips to the library and READ.  One, it's fun. Two, my daughter seeing me read and reading alongside me throughout the summer is a wonderful precedent.  Use the summer to focus on research. Find those "Comparison Titles".

3. Go on WALKS!  Get out and explore and remember too...

4. Have an IDEA Book with you at all times. Have with me always a means of writing ideas down so that WHEN I do have time, I can simply dive in.

5. ENJOY the time with my daughter and tap into my own desire to be a kid again.  This time is not wasted. It is just another opportunity to shift perspective.

And that's it, folks.  Enjoy the summer, the making of magical memories.  Cut yourself some slack and be creative, in other ways.  As long as you have your toe in one aspect of the book world it is not time lost.


-Laura (Me from a walk last Autumn, taking a look from a different perspective.)

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