Wednesday, October 23, 2019

So, Summer happened in a BIG way

It is now Oct. and I have been severely missing in action from most writing aspects of my life.  I knew this would happen a bit because of SUMMER and Mia being home, but life decided to get even more interesting...

I moved my family... to an island. 

This place is fabulous, creatively rich and naturally beautiful.   We moved for my daughter and the school system with its special needs capabilities.  But both my husband and I are benefiting from the move as well, I won't lie.

All of that said, getting to read, getting to write, getting to edit or even see my critique group all flew out the open window of a moving truck.  But NOW...

Now I am settling into place. I have located a new critique partner on the island (yes, I will remain with my first group, just won't get over to see them often). AND, I have been out to the BARN! Talk about a magical place akin to Disneyland for creatives.

So, getting back into the swing of things. Next up #PBPitch on Twitter! TOMORROW!

Then, a Halloween treat for Susan Hill! I think I have my piece ready. The deadline is the 28th.

All the while- write/edit/critique and OH, continue to settle into my new life.
So, until the 28th!  Be well you all.  Be creative.


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