Monday, November 25, 2019

100 Words or less Challenge- 11.25.19- Tub, Sparkle, Wheel

[No Illustration notes BUT, imagine a little girl twirling and whirly in a yard, eventually landing on the grass, staring up at the sky.]


The trouble with spinning is… gravity.
After all, I am not a wheel.
I do not evenly turn-Squirm Squish-or- PLOD-or-Tickle Fantastic-on the ground.
I do not whirl with purpose.
My twirling desires are more, imaginary…
…more ethereal…
…more uplifting, much less… specific.
Like all the possibilities of a freshly opened tub of glitter-Sparkly-Dense-With layers upon layers of magic. I wish I were glitter but, never mind…
Gravity, my forever problem.
Because you see, spinning-not like a wheel-can be disastrous.
Especially if-PING-or-PLONK-then always-THWAP-and finally-THUD!
Without gravity, things would be much easier, but then again maybe… less interesting.

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