Friday, October 29, 2021

A Halloweensie Contest! 100 words or less to capture the spirit of the season

“BOO!”K Spooky Halloween

By Laura N. Clement

(100 words)


Boo Waillouder III hated Halloween. 

Ghost costumes were unimaginative- glow-in-the-dark paisley, animal prints, 

or sheets with holes. 

Boo’d never be caught dead in one of those, even for yummy gooey goodies. 

He’d rather hide in his favorite book. 

“Sorry it’s checked out,” said the Librarian. 

Crushed, Boo browsed, anger bubbling until, a surprising discovery!

‘Humans and Other Scary Creatures!’  

OOOOO! Thought Boo. Having a most spooktacular, 

bubbled-up goosebumps all over scary idea!

He’d just need a few things…

“And 1st prize…,” said the Librarian.

“Howdy,” said Boo.

“…for Most Imaginative Costume…”

                   “Eeekkk! A… Human!” 

“…goes to…”


“…Boo Waillouder III!”

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  1. So cute! Afterall, I can't help but think that ghosties and ghouls are terrified of humans! Well done!