Wednesday, November 20, 2019

100 words or less (I failed 108 words today)- 11.20.19-Snow/ Goat/Passport


I love earth underfoot.

Rock piles for climbing.

Winding craggy paths and rolling pine cones readied for a game of chase.

But one bright blue morning my world, went dark.

A passport assigned, curated and stamped for immediate relocation changed everything.
The dusting of snow and wisps of grass-delectable and sweet- suddenly disappeared with a thunderous…

Ricocheting like hail off my mountain.

Though, wingless and unsuited for flight my body, bound but cradled rested cozily in a dream while the landscape shifted and I burst unaware…

… aloft.

Immense distance-rivers, lakes, winding roads, hilly terrain, soared beneath me until…

…once more a mountain was home.

Inspired by a true story- You KNOW I am a sucker for anything to do with goats. 

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