Monday, November 18, 2019

100 words or less Challenge- "Cat Mornings"


Bamboo. News. Fog.

Cat Mornings

It begins when I am ready. 

Not before.

Mornings can't push me. 

Move me into-

Not the illumination of fog against the window,

Not the tapping of fingers against glowing screens of news…

I resist.

I roll,
 and curl myself into warmth and ignore everything.

Including you-
with your flying feet. 

Beeping alarms.
 And selfish unshared breakfast.

I remain contentedly "asleep" until...

 I am ready to...


Unless of course, like the morning before... 
... I choose early as my time to rise.

Nothing is ever safe at that hour.

Bamboo leaves...

...warm tucked in toes.

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