Thursday, November 14, 2019

Alas my Halloweensie 100 words or less story did not win the contest BUT...

I had such a great time doing that challenge that I have devised a writing prompt for myself and possibly other writers.

Three times a week I will- challenge myself by writing 100 words or less story. Using three randomly chosen words to incorporate!

To keep on course and honest about doing the work, I will post them here.
To other writers, if you so desire to have your creations posted here contact me.  I would love to honor and share our hard work and progress!

So, my first piece is a sentimental one.  It's about my daughter (adopted from China). Who had a nickname in the orphanage that meant "Little Bird." In trying to honor that, I gifted her a necklace years ago of a single bird feather, which she wears every day.

I hope you enjoy.

11/8/19- 100 words or less

Feather. Gift. Belonging. 


Everything but me is new.
New clothes.
New home.
New weather.
New feels and flavors.
New. New. New.
All strange, but also- warm, safe and after a while…
A brand-new kind of new.
Where the not new me, begins to feel new, too.
Here, my touch, feels, flavors discover feelings of something unknown-Belonging.
Here, forever home wraps around me and all of my old mingle and blend with my new.

Here, in a simple gift, like a name I touch sculpted metal and understand that a feather lying gently near my heartbeat holds the power of everything. 

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